segunda-feira, 17 de junho de 2013


Love is the miraculous force that quickens the flow
of the energy of our souls and allows us to soar to the highest state of ecstasy in our majestic journey of life. Through love, all the ills of humanity can be cured.

I was dead,
I became alive.
I was tears,
I became laughter.
The majesty of love came
And I became an everlasting majesty myself.
Even if the devil falls in love, he will win,
He will become like Gabriel and his evilness will die.

Be happy, oh our well desired love,
The healer of all our ills.
Oh, the medicine for our pride and arrogance,
Oh (love), you are our Plato and Galen.
Through love, the earthly body soared to the skies,
Mountains began to dance and became agile.
From love, bitter becomes sweet,
From love, thorns become flowers,
From love, vinegar becomes wine,
From love, fire becomes light,
From love, devil becomes angel,
From love, sorrow becomes joy,
From love, sickness becomes health,
From love, fury becomes mercy,
From love, dead becomes alive,
From love, king becomes servant.
My religion is to be alive from Love,
Being only physically alive, is a disgrace.